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We are excited to announce our seventh annual national juried art show, Wide Open 7, opening May 7, 2016. And again this year, we are privileged to have another of NY’s art elite as our juror, The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s, Beth Saunders, Curatorial Assistant. With her guidance and selections, we look forward to another spectacular show.

Ours is a truly unique gallery – a massive Civil War-era warehouse on the Red Hook waterfront in Brooklyn, NY. Its enormous space affords us the opportunity to exhibit really huge work, and we welcome it. We will be using 8,000 square feet for this show, and look forward to exhibiting artist’s work from all around the country, work in all sizes, and subjects, and media, (it’s completely wide open).

We really love art – in all media. As well as looking for skill in the use of a variety of materials, we look for how well that medium relates to the concept or movement, and how fully the artist’s intention or concept is presented and realized. The juror’s awards will reflect that artistic judgment. Virtually every medium is accepted including: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Photography, Pastel, Drawing, Print, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Assemblage, Installation, Fabric and Video when part of an installation.
Call to Artists for Submissions
Deadline for submissions: Early Bird March 1 or Final Application Deadline March 15, 2016
Gallery Exhibition Dates: May 7 – June 12, 2016 weekends 1-6PM.
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 1-6 PM.

About the Juror
Beth Saunders, Curatorial Assistant at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, holds a BFA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MPhil from the CUNY Graduate Center, where she is currently a PhD candidate in Art History. Before joining the Met as curatorial assistant, she was a Jane and Morgan Whitney Art History Fellow. Saunders has published book and exhibition reviews in Photography and Culture and Exposure. Her essay "The Bertoloni Album: Rethinking Photography's National Identity," an account of photography's transnational origins told through the lens of the Met's Album di disegni fotogenici appeared in the edited volume Photography and Its Origins (2015).

$3000 in Cash Awards

BEST of SHOW GOLD: $1000 At the Opening Reception, the artist whose work is juried as ‘Best of Show’ by Beth Saunders will receive a $1000 cash prize.

BEST of SHOW SILVER: $500 At the Opening Reception, the artist whose work is juried ‘Best of Show Silver’ by Beth Saunders will receive a $500 cash prize.

PEOPLES’ CHOICE: $250 After the close, the artist whose work is voted ‘Best’ by attendees during the course of the show will receive a $250 cash prize.

CURATORS’ CHOICE: $250 At the Opening Reception, the artist whose work the Show Curators choose for excellence will receive a $250 cash prize.

   $100 each for ten winners will be awarded at the Opening Reception. All selections will be made by the juror, Beth Saunders.

Bonus Offer
Artists accepted into Wide Open 7 can also send one additional work that will be exhibited in our Affordable Art area. All works must be smaller than 16” x 20” (including frame, if framed) and must be priced for sale at $500 or under.

Show Details
WIDE OPEN 7: The broad theme of “Wide Open 7” encompasses all the possibilities of knowledge and freedom and love - wide open spaces…arms wide open…eyes wide open - but as with all things, there is the inevitable opposite - wide open to attack…corruption…failure. What kind of fantasy is this? What does it really indicate? This juried show looks to explore the idea of “wide open” in all the hidden niches of our collective psyche.

ELIGIBILITY: This call for submission is open to all residents of the U.S. and its Territories 18 years of age or older. This is a juried exhibition for artists working in all traditional and non-traditional 2D and 3D media, including film/video when part of an installation. All artwork must be original in concept, design and execution. Note: Crafts, kit work or reproductions of original works in other media (such as giclee reproductions of oil paintings), unless used as part of a mixed media work, will not be considered.

Oversize Work, Assemblages and Installations s are welcome at the discretion of BWAC, but must meet all other specifications and be delivered, installed and removed by the artist (or their agent) upon arrangement with BWAC staff.

JUDGING: All judging to enter this competition will be on-line. Entries that differ significantly from their digital images may be rejected. Decision of the judges is final.

SUBMISSIONS AND FEES: Only original works may be submitted. Works may be submitted in one or multiple media.
Early Bird Submissions (through midnight, March 1, 2016): $45 for up to three (3) images plus $5.00 for each additional image.

Submissions between March 2nd and midnight March 15, 2016: $65 for up to three (3) images plus $5.00 for each additional image.

Sculpture and installations: artists may use two additional images for details, at no extra charge.  Contact if you need them.   

All entries must be registered/received by midnight, March 15, 2016. All entry fees are non-refundable.

Sign Up Now!


1. Click on the Sign Up Now! link.
Follow the directions on the Site Login Page to create a new profile. You will need to create a new profile, unless you applied to BWAC’s juried shows or to another competition that licensed the Smarter Entry system after August 27, 2012 - you then can just login). Your username is your email address.

2. Click on Wide Open 7 to register. (It’s under the heading AVAILABLE SHOWS).
You will be taken to a secure site where you can pay your application fee.

3. Once you have paid your application fee, you can upload your images. Submit your images as JPG, TIFF, or PNG files with the longest side being 1,280 pixels for best presentation. Your files can be up to 4MB.

Click on the Choose File button to browse for the file you want to upload. The actual file name is the image file title you see in a directory / folder. File names cannot have special characters as they present security risks or are not compatible with programming. When you browse your folder to select your file and then it inserts into the SmarterEntry system, you may see something like this: c:\my_harddrive%5\filename.jpg. The c:\my_harddrive%5\ is the computer’s path to the file. It can/will have special characters, and that is ok. It is only the filename.jpg part that cannot have special characters.
4. Upload your image as directed. Please note that all fields marked with an asterisk are required. Selling price and year created will not be a factor in the juror’s selection. Use the Additional Notes box for information you would like the juror to consider. These notes may be used as part of the exhibition.
Click Add Image to upload it to the show. While the image is uploading do not press the back button or otherwise interfere with the upload process. When the image appears below, it has been submitted to the competition. You may have to scroll down to see all images.

Repeat this process for all your images. You can click "Return to Account" on the left hand bar at any time, then return later to submit more images. You can delete and resubmit a new image at no additional cost. You can edit the information submitted up to the deadline.
ACCEPTANCE: Notification of acceptance of work will be made via e-mail by Friday, March 25th, 2016. If you have not received notification by March 27th, notify immediately A return confirmation of participation is required by April 1, 2016 to hold a spot in the exhibition.

1. Maximum Size: 168”w X 96” X 96” (but packages must fit through a 76” X 58” wide door).

2. Where appropriate and at the discretion of BWAC, all work must be suitably framed to a professional standard. No clip frames, saw-tooth hangers, or taped edges. All framed conventional work must use Plexiglas, except hand-delivered work less than 24” x 30”. Canvases may have neat gallery wrapped edges.

3. Work must be wired and ready for hanging. No ceiling mounts or special installation requirements unless agreed to beforehand by BWAC.

4. Sculptors may provide their own pedestals, or must agree to use those provided by BWAC.

5. A label must be affixed to the back of the work that indicates which end is the top and includes the following: Artist Name, Title, Medium, Dimensions, and Price. This information must correspond with the Accepted image as listed on Notification form. No artwork may be substituted.

6. All artwork must be priced for sale. Any work marked POR (Price on Request) or NFS (Not For Sale) will not be eligible for entry into the exhibition.

7. Work cannot be withdrawn, nor sales shipped, before the end of the exhibit.

1. Work can be hand delivered to BWAC at 481 Van Brunt Street, Door 7, Brooklyn and unpacked by artist or artist’s agent on Saturday, April 16; Sunday, April 17; Wednesday, April 20 and Thursday April 21 from 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. These hand-delivery works must be removed by artist or artist’s agent - see paragraph on Removal below. No UPS, Fedex or USPS delivery drop-offs will be accepted as hand delivery.

2. All work not able to be hand-delivered as noted above should be ordered (UPS is our preferred carrier) to arrive at BWAC gallery address 481 Van Brunt Street, Door 7, Brooklyn, NY 11231 from Wednesday, April 20 through Friday, April 22. The handling fee for shipped works is $40 per package for the first 30 lbs plus $1 per pound additional. The artist assumes all responsibility for insuring artwork against shipping damage or loss. For packages weighing more than 70lbs., contact BWAC for rates. More information about shipping requirements will be included in the acceptance letter.

LATE ARRIVAL AND RETURNS: BWAC reserves the right to reject and return work that is late, is deemed unstable upon arrival, is not properly presented, or differs from the submitted digital image. Returns will be solely at the artist’s expense. SALES, COMMISSIONS AND DELIVERY: BWAC will retain a 25% commission on all exhibition sales. The price represented on the artist entry form will be the sale price. No changes will be allowed. Sold works will remain until the end of the exhibition, except for those in the Affordable Art area, which may be removed by the buyer at the time of sale. All arrangements for shipping of works greater than 30” x 30” x 6” to buyers will be the sole responsibility of the artist. BWAC will ship and pack smaller works at the expense of the buyer.
REMOVAL: Hand-delivered artwork must be removed by the artist, or artist’s agent, on Tuesday, June 14, Thursday, June 16, Saturday, June 18, or Sunday, June 19, 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Any work not removed during this specified time will be disposed of at BWAC’s discretion.

LIABILITY: BWAC is not responsible for any damage, breakage, replacement or cost associated with any damage or breakage that may have occurred during transport or unpacking. Every precaution will be taken in handling the entries, but BWAC assumes no liability for any loss or damage to any artist’s work while in our care, custody or control, before, during or after the exhibition. Each artist, if they wish, needs to provide their own insurance.

USE OF IMAGES:Any image submitted may be used for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to this show. This use may include publication in any publications, printed materials, advertisements, or electronic media. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the artist.

CONTACT/QUESTIONS: Please direct all questions prior to receiving your Notification Letter to If accepted your Letter will direct you to contact BWAC’s Curator in charge of installation for further information.

ENTRY AGREEMENT: With the submission of artwork into the “WIDE OPEN 7” BWAC Show, the artist agrees to all the terms and conditions set forth in this prospectus.